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Crataegus chlorosarca - hawthorn “Crataegus chlorosarca”


This is an excellent tree from the hawthorn (Crataegus) family, which includes some real gems for enriching the Finnish environment, both from the east and from the other side of the Atlantic. This one remains of reasonable size but does achieve small tree dimensions, and is undemanding about where it grows. In addition, it is a tree for all seasons: in early summer with abundant white flowers; in full summer broad dark green leaves; in autumn black berries and brilliant leaf colour; in winter attractive winter bark and strong branches. And it is hardy right up into northern Finland.

At Mustila the species grows as sturdy small trees on Ketunmäki (Fox Hill) and here and there throughout the Arboretum. They are easy to distinguish from other trees by their large healthy leaves and sturdy branches, which mark it out from more familiar hawthorns. The thorns are about an inch (2.5 cm) long, though sometimes they are totally absent. Autumn colour is a glowing orange-red.