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Eleutherococcus senticosus - ‍Siberian ginseng



Siberian ginseng is the northernmost species of the Aralia (Angelica) genus. It grows naturally over a broad range from Russian Amur to Korea and Japan, where it can reach 5 metres, though in Finland it is limited to about 2 metres. At Mustila, it brings a touch of the exotic to the Juhlapaikka (Festival area). The thriving bushes are slowly spreading via suckers. The large dark balls of berries are spectacular in autumn against the background yellow of the lobed foliage.

Siberian ginseng is rarely grown in Finland outside botanic collections. Requiring very little attention, it could be used more widely both as an individual shrub in gardens and in landscaping, e.g. along roads, as it tolerates air pollution rather well.

Its medical use is also important, particularly in China and Russia, where it is used in the same way as Ginseng root. Medications are usually prepared from the roots, promoting improvements in immunity and general health, it is claimed.