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Viburnum cassinoides - withe rod, wild raisin

Wild raisin is a variable and attractive viburnum which changes colour throughout the growing season. The leaves open a shiny reddish-bronze in spring, changing to shiny green in summer with fiery shades of orange and wine-red in autumn. The stiff leathery leaves give an exotic impression of being evergreen, but are in fact deciduous.

In July, wild raisin bears creamy flowers in 5-10cm corymbs, while in autumn the berries show colour starting from greenish-white, passing through pink to red to blue and finally almost black. There may be berries showing all these colours at the same time on a single bush.

In full sun the wild raisin develops a denser habit and flowers better than in shade. The specimen at Atsalealampi (Azalea Pool) has reached 1.5m and doesn’t seem to be growing any higher.