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Weigela middendorffiana

Weigela middendorffiana - Middendorf weigela


The Middendorff weigela is one of the gems of early and mid-summer when it flowers with pale yellow horn-shaped blossoms. The orange splash of colour on the flowers gradually changes to rust-red. Although it is seldom seen, the species is the hardiest of the genus and thrives as far north as Oulu and Kuusamo. Its habit is erect but snow makes the branches spread, creating deep shade beneath.

In the wild, Middendorf weigela has a range from north-east China to Japan. From seed collected by a Finnish expedition to Amur, a selected variety has been named ‘Jouni’, after one of the expedition members, while in Norway another variety selected from the same seed has been named ‘Amur’. Both these varieties seem to thrive better in more northern and continental climates than in the south of Finland. At Mustila seeds of various origins are being test-grown, with wide variations in their progress.


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