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Rhododendron 'P. M. A. Tigerstedt'

Rhododendron 'P. M. A. Tigerstedt'


'P. M. A. Tigerstedt' is named after Professor Peter M. A. Tigerstedt, who directed the rhododendron and azalea breeding programme at Helsinki University in co-operation with Arboretum Mustila, 1973-2000. This hybrid was re-named for the US and Canadian markets as ‘Peter Tigerstedt’.

The cross was achieved by putting pollen from a white-flowered form of the Catawba Rhododendron (R. catawbiense var. album 'Glass') onto the Mustila Rhododendron (R. brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii). The white upper petal has a dark violet blotch, creating an eye-catching effect in June.

'P. M. A. Tigerstedt' is very hardy and adapts well to a variety of conditions, even to a degree of dryness. In ten years it reaches about 1.5 metres. In shady spots it often becomes straggly, but good light improves the shape, broad and high.


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