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Valeriana alliariifolia - Valerian species

The florescence of this valerian species (V. alliariifolia) is similar to the compound cyme of common valerian native in Finland (V. officinalis) and hill valerian (V. sambucifolia). A dense inflorescence consists of small flowers in mid-summer, which are pink or nearly white. Domestic valerians have pinnate leaves, while the leaves of V. alliariifolia are uniform and cordate.

Charming florescences, rigid stems and beutiful leaves make this valerian an excellent perennial which can be combined easily with other perinnials. In Mustila it seems to flourish perfectly well in the shade of the Macedonian pines in the woodland garden conditions.

Valerian is an old medicine, it has been used as an anxiolyte and a sleep aid. Some species of the large group of valerians are utilized in pharmaceutical purposes. The most known is the common valerian, but also V. alliariifolia is used. Drug valerian is obtained from the roots.


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