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Magnolia × wieseneri


This cross between the Japanese bigleaf (also called whitebark) magnolia (M. obovata) and the Siebold magnolia (M. sieboldii) just bursts with tropical luxuriance, and is very promising in Finnish conditions. Older nursery stock may be rather tender but Gothenburg Botanic Garden has produced the varieties ’Aashild Kalleberg’ and ’Swede Made’ from apparently hardy parents, which may well prove hardy in southern Finland, too.

The influence of the bigleaf magnolia is apparent in the vigorous growth, large leaves and flowers of these varieties, while the other parent, the Siebold magnolia, has contributed its shrubby habit and extra hardiness. This cross is also found in the wild in central Japan, where the parent species are in proximity. The shrubs flower about the middle of summer with scented white blossoms which have showy red stamens. Individual flowers can exceed 15 cm.