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Aconogonon × fennicum

The robust Aconogonon x fennicum is a Finnish traditional herb that can be found in old gardens but also as garden escape by roadsides and uncultivated land. The origin of this herb is not known, but it is assumed to have arrived from Russia as a cross between A. alpinum × A. weyrichii.

Aconogonon x fennicum has a bushy habit. It is a fast-growing, vigorous perennial that may reach almost two metres during one season. It may be used as a screen instead of ornamental shrubs at sites where woody plants would break under the snow load. In the autumn the foliage of A.x fennicum turns a beautiful red, especially on sunny sites.

In Mustila Aconogonon x fennicum grows in the Pähkinärinne (Walnut slope) on a sunny, verdant clearance as an old and thriving small stand.